Valuations to the arrangement of declarations

 TEXT  in the division "WORK":
Version 1. Text (one vacancy, is not more than 150 symbols, including the signs 
                     punctuation and gaps) - 30 grn.
Version 2. Text  in the frame with the type formulation (1-3 vacancies, is not more
                    200 symbols, including punctuation marks and gaps) - 60 grn

MODULAR TEXT in the division "WORK":
Size 1 (1/16 strips), the size of yaekhshch9 mm - 90 grn
Note: Ordered area of modular ob'yavleniya in the division
"WORK" can be any sizes (but not less than y\y' of strip),
multiple of 1/32 strips.

MODULAR TEXT on the cover (polnotsv., glyants.):
Size 2 (1/8 strips), the size of 8",shchkhshch2 mm


Pages 2,3,4,5,6

Pages 7,8,9,10,11


600 hryvnyas

360 hryvnyas

280 hryvnyas

400 hryvnyas


with predoplate of the 4th publications - 20% of reduction (i.e. the 5th publication free of charge).

with the order of text ob'yavleniya (version 2) or modular ob'yavleniya each vacancy   is duplicated by text into the appropriate headings.
all of ob'yavleniya are published under the headings in accordance with the sphere of the activity of spetsialista.Vnutri of heading text vacancies they are located alphabetically.

Attention!   Only in our publication is published the alphabetical index "all vacancies of number", in which the vacancies with the indication of the pages, where they are located, are enumerated.

Headings of the newspaper:


Top- management;


Domestic service;


Real estate and insurance;




Medicine and pharmacy;


Transport and auto-business;








Office services;


Tourism, entertainment industry;


Building and architecture;


Economy, finances;


Is modelyy, show business;


Furniture production;


Creative professions;


Guarding services


Light industry;


Engineering personnel;


Trade, sale and purchase;


Work for all;


Computer, information and Internet- technology;


Storekeepers, warehouse workers;




Advertisement, marketing, the publishing matter, polygraphy;


Everyday and public services; 




Personnel of the salons of beauty;


Restaurant business and public nutrition;


Work abroad;



Last day of the reception of information into the current number:
                                              in the headings - Friday to 13.00,
                                              "urgently into the number" - Friday from 14.00 to 18.00.

Type of the declarations


(including NDS and NZR)

Text declaration

One vacancy, is not more than 150 symbols, including punctuation marks

30.00 grn

Text declaration in the frame with the type formulation

1-3 vacancies, not are more than 200 symbols, including punctuation marks

60.00 grn


yaeKhshch9 mm

90.00 grn


89Khshch9 mm

180.00 grn


89Kh9e mm

270.00 grn


89Khy20,e mm

360.00 grn


90Khyshch0 mm

450.00 grn


y80Khy2' mm

720.00 grn


y80Kh2shch0 mm

1440.00 grn

 REDUCTIONS: With predoplate of the 4th publications - 20% of reduction (i.e. the 5th publication free of charge)