About the newspaper “Rabota i Ucheba” (“Work and Studies”)

  We present to your attention the weekly newspaper "Rabota i Ucheba" that publishes advertisements about vacancies, studying, mini-resumes of the people looking for a job, information about labour-market and educational services. 
  State Certificate of Registration - КВ №4740. The first issue of the newspaper appeared on July 9, 1996. The format of the edition is A4. The volume of the edition at present is 172 lines, full-colour cover. The first day of distribution of the newspaper is Monday, circulation - 19500 copies. It is distributed through the trade network "Pressa", by commercial organizations, private distributors. A part of the circulation is distributed free of charge to offices, employment centres of Kyiv and Kyiv region.

  The newspaper is addressed to:
- employers;
- readers looking for a job;
- chiefs of educational institutions;
- readers interested in choice of an educational institution.

  Features of the readers of the edition: the newspaper is oriented at senior pupils and their parents interested in choice of future profession, at people wishing to improve their professional skills or to change profession, as well as at people having a particular speciality and qualification that is in demand at the labour-market.
The structure of arrangement of the material has been chosen on the basis of the special marketing research carried out among the potential readers of the "Rabota i Ucheba". The newspaper consists of 2 sections: "rabota"("work") and "ucheba" ("studies"). Besides, there is a number of specific features in the newspaper:
1. For the first time in Ukraine the index of advertisements in the issue (for education and vacancies) is used in the "Rabota i Ucheba". Each speciality (vacancy) in the advertisement is shown in the index with indication of the page.
2. To people who are in active search of work a coupon for free publication of the advertisement for job searcching is offered. The convenient and expressive structure of the coupon enables the seekers to present the most important information about them.
3. Along with publication of the advertisements of educational institutions, vacancies and mini-resumes, the newspaper in its literary materials pays attention to the problems of personnel selection and job placement on the whole, and to the problem of the choice of an educational institution.
Subscription for the newspaper "Rabota i Ucheba" is accepted in all the postal telegraph offices of  Kyiv and Ukraine (Subscription code - 40366).

Founder and publisher: "Poisk-Plus" Ltd.
Director: Galina Shumeyko
Chief Editor: Valentina Kuchma
Address of the editorial office
for post:

Office "1-B", 2 Moldavskaya st., 03057 Kyiv
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
Tel.: +380 44 453 35 11
Fax: + 380 44 453 35 15


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