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The magazine Suchasna Osvita

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The magazine Suchasna Osvita is an informational-analytical, advertising-reference edition dedicated to the market of education. It is published since 2002, 12 times a year.

The magazine Suchasna Osvita is oriented at readers having operative, as well as permanent interest for the services of education.  Articles on urgent themes are combined with reference information.
Our readers are students, parents of senior pupils and senior pupils themselves.

The convenient system of rubrics allows pointing out the main directions in which readers are interested.
The rubric Higher school comprises articles concerning urgent problems in the sphere of higher education, interviews with representatives of the state structures, rectors of institutions of higher education, popular teachers.

A particular place in the structure of the magazine is occupied by the presentations of higher educational institutions: Academies, Universities, Institutes, technical schools and colleges.

The rubric Business-education. Development of domestic business demands introduction of new educational programs, practical short-term trainings and two-year program of MBA.
The interviews with successful businessmen, graduates from home and foreign business-schools will be the zest of the magazine on the whole and of the rubric in particular.

The rubric Education abroad. In addition to the news of home education we make our readers acquainted with the educational traditions of different countries, leading educational institutions of Europe and America, grants and scholarships for studying abroad.

The rubric Studying of foreign languages. It goes without saying that knowledge of foreign languages is important and significant for job placement, work and career. Todays labour-market is interested in specialists possessing not only professional skills but also ability to communicate with colleagues in one language in a literal sense.
The articles of leading language schools, new methods of learning foreign languages, learning languages abroad, make up the main part of materials for this rubric.

The rubrics Courses, training centres and Development of qualification. The training today is not limited only by formal higher or second higher education. Foreign languages and computer graphic programs, bookkeeping and hairdressers art, office-management and cookery; this list of the offers of short-term education existing in the market is far from being complete. You can find the information about the most interesting of them in the following rubrics.    

The rubric Get acquainted profession! Here one can find interesting professions demanded by the market.

The rubric Schools, lyceums, gymnasiums. Though the considerable part of the materials of the magazine is dedicated to the higher education one should not forget that the way to the university begins from school.

The rubric Guest of the issue. The questions of spiritual development, upbringing and education apply not only to those who teach and study directly. In the broad sense of the word they touch the whole society. On the pages of our magazine we present the opinions of famous public figures, artists, musicians, sportsmen.

The rubric Chronicle. Living at present it is important not to forget about our own roots, origins. Articles about the history of foreign and home universities pleasantly supplement the main contents of the journal.

Reference information is an integral part of every issue of our magazine. On the pages of the Suchasna Osvita we publish reference books of higher educational institutions of Ukraine according to the specialities and payment for studying, professional-technical educational institutions, schools, lyceums and gymnasiums.

On its pages the Suchasna Osvita also publishes answers to the questions of the readers, dedicated to the subjects of entrance to higher educational institutions, the rules of conduct and living in students hostels, disputable situations which occur while passing tests and examinations, etc.

Our magazine does not stand still. Progression for permanent compliance with the readers interests is the main priority for our team.

The Chief Editor: Kuchma V.V.

Circulation: 16-25 thousand of copies.
Volume 64 (100) black-and-white + 10 (27) full-colour pages
Founder and publisher: Poisk-Plus Ltd.
Registration Certificate - 6364 of 24.07.2002.
It is published since 1997.
Subscription code: 06222

It is distributed all over Ukraine:

Through the network Soyuzpechat;
By private distributors;
Free delivery to offices of the town of Kyiv;
Free distributions at exhibitions;

Address: Office 1-B, 2 Moldavskaya st.,03057 Kyiv
Tel./fax: (044) 453-35-15,
Tel./fax: 453-35-00 (Advertising Department)
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it