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Terms of placing advertisement

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Module advertising:

Full-color lines (cover)
1st line (1/8 line, 89,5×59,0 mm) – 160 euro
inside lines (1/8 line, 89,5×59,0 mm) – 190 euro

Black-&-white (newspapers) lines
1/16 (43×59 mm) -30 euro (section “studies”)
1/16 (43×59 mm) -20 euro (section “work”)

Prices include all the taxes.

Detailed conditions of placement of advertisements and notices:
to the Section “Work”
tel.: +38 044 453-34-90, +38 044 453-34-91, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
to the Section “Studies”
tel.: +38 044 453-35-00, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

   Working hours: 9.00 – 19.00 without break, except weekend (Saturday and Sunday).
   There is a special system of discounts and rewards.
   The last day of acceptance of an advertisement to the next issue is Friday till 18.00.

  Materials of advertisement are given by a person, who places the advertisement. According to the rules of editorial office, editorial office is not responsible for the quality of services, which are advertised, and for untrue or incorrect information about the subject of advertisement.  
  • A person, who places the advertisement (free or paid), is the only person responsible for reliability of the information in advertisement, and for the observance of the copyright and the rights of the third parties. 
  • Contest of advertisement must not contradict the Law of Ukraine “About Advertisement”. According to this, untrue, unethical, unreliable and hidden advertisement is not allowed.
  • Advertisement about types of licensed activity is accepted with a copy of proper licenses. In a text of advertisement, according to the Law of Ukraine “About Advertisement”, must be noticed the license number and the authority. 
  • Claim about advertisement quality and terms of its publishing are accepted during 14 days since the moment edition is published.
  • Advertisement must correspond to the rules of its original language: not include orthographic, punctuation and style mistakes. Otherwise, editorial office has right to correct and edit free and paid advertisements.
  • Advertisement, which includes bad language, is not allowed. Shortening must not be used often. Shortening must be clear for understanding and not include bad language.
  • Advertisement with any request of payment is not allowed.
  • Text advertisement must start with a notice of specific profession, which is offered to be educated at.
  • Editorial office has right to place advertisement strictly according to the rubrics.
  Opinion of people, who place advertisement, can not coincide with the opinion of editorial office. Materials with mark P are published on the rights of advertisement.
  Client by giving advertisement materials to the editorial office admits all the items of the agreement above.
  Conception, contest, design, ideas of format and other components of the newspaper are objects of copyright and protected by law. Reprint or any other usage of these materials without written permission of the editorial office is forbidden. Any break of the law will be considered in court.  

  Editorial office of the newspaper “Work and Studies”


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