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Poisk-Plus Ltd.

   The publishing company Poisk-Plus Ltd. is engaged in active advertising publishing activities contributing to the development and establishment of market relations in Ukraine. Poisk-Plus Ltd. was founded in 1996. During these years we have become leaders in the market of printings for job placement, education and career.  Two advertising informational publications have been introduced to the media-market of Ukraine each of which occupies a respectable place and enjoys success and deserved respect of readers and advertisers.

The enterprise Poisk-Plus Ltd. is the founder and publisher of the newspaper Rabota i Ucheba and the magazine Suchasna Osvita (Modern Education). Thanks to the newspaper Rabota i Ucheba tens of thousands of organizations found valuable employees and people found job.

Only in the magazine Modern Education unique information about all the educational institutions of Kyiv and Ukraine, beginning with institutes of higher education and up to professional development courses, is published regularly. One can also find here everything about education abroad, regular ratings of schools, specialists advices and a lot of other information.

If you:
● are a professional in the labour-market or  seriously engaged in personnel policy of your company;
● offer services in the market of education, professional development, fundamental education;


● the best way to choose the personnel is by means of the newspaper Rabota i Ucheba".
● promotion of your services at the market of education should be discussed with the editorial board of the magazine Suchasna Osvita.

The publishing company Poisk-Plus presents professionalism and qualification of our specialists, up-to-date level of equipment and production processes, own highly developed infrastructure.

And in future it is expected extension of scales of own business, introduction of new subject editions to the media market and increase of their competitiveness.